Abstract: Organic gradient materials are an inherent part of many functional structures in the natural world. Synthetic organic materials, like polymers, are thus the perfect choice to artificially recreate these structures for functional purposes. This work reports on new high-quality gradient copolymer films via large-area deposition from the vapor phase and circumvents thus problems related to current wet chemistry approaches. It enables furthermore for the first time the transfer of this gradient approach to the nanoscale, introducing a new class of organic gradient nanomaterials. This facilitates completely new organic gradient functionality on the nanoscale, not achievable with materials currently in use. Fully functional gradient films of 21?nm have been synthesized, which open up new pathways for many application fields. Their versatility is demonstrated by some application examples ranging from every day life (adhesion of PTFE in frypans) to advanced subwavelength devices on large-area substrates as well as complex geometries.

Nanoscale gradient copolymer films via single-step deposition from the vapor phase
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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2020.02.004