Abstract: High-entropy alloys (HEA) are of high current interest due to their unique and attractive combination of structural, physical, chemical or magnetic properties. HEA comprise multiple principal elements, unlike conventional alloys. The composition space of HEA is enormous and only a minuscule fraction has been studied. Magnetic HEA are a promising alternative to conventional soft magnetic metallic materials, which typically exhibit poor mechanical properties. We review the progress in the development of magnetic HEA. The influence of alloy composition, crystal structure, phase fraction and processing parameters on the magnetic properties are discussed. Magnetic HEA processed by advanced experimental high throughput techniques such as additive manufacturing, co-sputtering, diffusion multiplesrapid prototyping, and designed via combinatorial computational techniques, such as thermodynamic and phase diagram calculations, density functional theory, machine learning etc. are reviewed. Conventional processing techniques are also discussed. Future trends in magnetic HEA are outlined.

Accelerated and conventional development of magnetic high entropy alloys
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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2021.03.018