An amphiphilic gelatin–iron oxide core/calcium phosphate shell (AGIO@CaP-DOX) nanoparticle was successfully synthesized as an efficient anti-cancer drug delivery system, where doxorubicin (DOX) as a model molecule was encapsulated by electrolytic co-deposition during CaP shell formation. The shell of CaP precipitate played a pivotal role, not only in acting as a drug depot, but also in rendering the drug release rate in a highly pH-dependent controlled manner. Together with MR imaging, highly biocompatible drug-carrying CaP shell and efficient cellular internalization, the AGIO@CaP-DOX nanoparticles developed in this study area promising multifunctional nanodevice for nanotherapeutic approaches.

This paper was originally published in Acta Biomaterialia (2013) 9, 5360-5368.

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