Heliyon welcomes research across all disciplines. Any paper reporting original and technically sound results of primary research, which adheres to accepted ethical and scientific publishing standards, will be published regardless of its perceived impact.

Our dedicated expert editorial team, together with an editorial board of over 900 active researchers, from all disciplines, ensures that papers move through to publication as fast as possible without compromising on the quality of the process.

Every published article will be immediately available on both Heliyon.com and ScienceDirect, and will be indexed by PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Science? Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), ensuring it reaches the widest possible audience. Our focus on generating impact via press coverage and social media gives papers the opportunity to be discovered.

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Editorial board


  • Paige Shaklee

Editorial Assistants

  • Elizabeth Hancock
  • Chris Russel
  • Marion Thibaudeau

Section Editors


  • Professor Jacob Raber


  • Dr. Socrates Kaplanis


  • Dr. Francesco Epifano

Section Editors Environmental Sciences

Pollution, Toxicology & Health

  • Professor Christian Sonne

Pollution, Chemistry & Technology

  • Professor Frederic Coulon

Associate Editors

Environmental Sciences

  • Dr. Julian Blasco
  • Dr. Jianmin Chen
  • Professor Hefa Cheng
  • Dr. Anthony Curtis
  • Professor Xinbin Feng
  • Professor Ashantha Goonetilleke
  • Dr. Jun Huang
  • Dr. Olga-Ioanna Kalantzi
  • Professor Pavlos Kassomenos
  • Professor Tsair-Fuh Lin
  • Dr. Keith Maruya
  • Professor Huu Hao Ngo
  • Professor Yong Sik Ok
  • Dr. Patryk Oleszczuk
  • Dr. Jose Julio Ortega-Calvo
  • Professor Wei Ouyang
  • Professor Paulo Alexandre da Silva Pereira
  • Prof. Dr. Yolanda Picó
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Rinklebe
  • Dr. Admir Créso Targino
  • Dr. Daniel Tsang
  • Dr. Daniel A. Wunderlin
  • Assoc. Professor Yeomin Yoon
  • Professor Shuzhen Zhang
  • Professor Xiangru Zhang


  • Dr. Charlotte D’Mello
  • Dr. Kioki Guzmán-Ramos
  • Dr. Aldric Hama
  • Dr. Andreas Löw
  • Dr. Julian Macoveanu
  • Dr. Michael Noll-Hussong
  • Dr. Janice Pluth
  • Dr. Paul Sauseng
  • Dr. Mario Tiberi
  • Dr. Mitchell Turker


  • Dr. Stefano Cordiner
  • Professor Michele Dassisti
  • Dr. Eleni Kaplani
  • Dr. António Cardoso Marques
  • Dr. Tingzhen Ming
  • Assoc. Professor Yongheng Yang


  • Dr. Anthony Curtis
  • Dr. Dario Donno
  • Dr. Agnieszka Dybala-Defratyka
  • Dr. Serena Fiorito
  • Dr. Salvatore Genovese
  • Dr. Boris-Marko Kukovec
  • Dr. Károly Lázár
  • Dr. Gianfranco Pasut
  • Prof. Dr. Yolanda Picó
  • Professor Ming Hua Xu