Materials Today Article Transfer Service

What does this mean for you?

If your manuscript is deemed unsuitable for publication in your chosen journal, the editor may suggest you transfer your submission to a more suitable journal in the Materials Today family, via Elsevier’s Article Transfer Service (ATS). If you agree to this, your manuscript will be transferred with no need to reformat.

How does it work?

Transferring your submission via ATS is simple.

  1. You will receive the transfer offer by email – start the transfer process by clicking on the link.
  2. Read the email carefully; this will explain what is being offered and provide further instructions.
  3. You may be offered a choice of journals: if so, select your preferred receiving journal.
  4. At this point you have the chance to revise your submission, including implementing any changes or additions requested in step 2.
  5. Now all you need to do is complete your submission (additional files may be required depending on the journal), approve the PDF and submit.
  6. The article and Referee comments* are then sent to the new journal.

Are there different types of ATS?

Yes, there are two main types. The email you receive will clarify the type you have been offered.

Materials Today Article Transfer Service

A. Transfer Recommendation. This is the most common type of transfer. In this case, if the original Editors of your paper believe an alternative journal is more appropriate, they will recommend transfer. If you accept the offer to transfer your paper to a receiving journal, your paper and referee comments will be sent to the receiving journal. The new receiving Editors will make their own assessment based on the materials they receive, and will treat your paper as a new submission. There is no guarantee of acceptance and your paper may be subjected to additional rounds of peer review.

Materials Today Article Transfer Service

B. Transferred Acceptance to Materials Today Communications. After peer review in the original journal you submitted to, the original Editors of your paper may decide that the paper is not suitable for publication in their journal, but is acceptable for publication without further review in Materials Today Communications. At this point, the Editors of the original journal you submitted to may offer a provisional acceptance (sometimes with some minor conditions of revision) of your paper in Materials Today Communications. If you accept the offer to transfer your paper to Materials Today Communications, your referee comments will be automatically transferred to the Managing Editors of Materials Today Communications. Provided that you address any comments from the original Editor(s)/Referees, and follow the instructions provided in the email offer, publication in Materials Today Communications is expected without further peer-review.

Choosing a different journal

If you would prefer to submit to a different journal instead, simply decline the transfer offer and submit to a new journal. The Materials Today family of journals provides authors and readers with comprehensive coverage across materials science, spanning ground breaking discoveries to highly specialized research; offering exceptional diversity, high quality peer review, rapid publication, maximum visibility and the widest choice. To find a journal that suits your needs as an author and a reader, please visit the journals page.


*Referees must agree to the transfer of their comments. Non-transfer of Referee comments will impact the number of ATS options available.

**Acceptance is provisional and depends on satisfactorily addressing Editor and Referee comments. Articles transferred without peer review comments will be rejected.