Sustainable Materials and Technologies (SM&T) is an international, cross-disciplinary journal, published by Elsevier.
SM&T publishes original full-length research articles in applied or fundamental science of nano-, micro-, meso-, and macro-scale aspects of materials and technologies for sustainable development with special attention to contributions that reduce the knowledge gap between materials and system designs.
Reviews that address significant challenges in the field and critical reviews which clearly address and limit the knowledge gap, provide a good guidance or real reference to the readers can be submitted.
General reviews are unsuitable to submit and will be rejected.

Aims and Scope

SM&T acknowledges the interdisciplinary nature of scientific research on sustainable development and covers a broad and wide scope. It provides a scientific platform for physicists, mathematicians, chemists, material scientists, engineers, biophysicists, biomedical engineers, tissue engineers and other technical experts to contribute innovative works and combine their different disciplines in Sustainability Science and Technology related to:

• Resource-efficiency optimization (e.g., minimize amount of precious metals in product design)
• Innovative approaches with breakthrough performance for CO2 capture and utilization
• Material recycling and materials recovery from complex products
• Material substitution to enable lower-impact production and/or use (e.g., composites)
• Lifecycle analyses of sustainable technologies
• Energy sources for the long term
• Advanced manufacturing processes with reduced energy, water, and materials footprint
• Theory and Simulation for Energy and Environmental Systems
• Emerging materials for efficient sustainable energy and environment devices
• New concept and technology for sustainable energy and environmental devices and systems
• Sustainable fuel generations through efficient photo-/thermo-/electro-/chemo-catalysis
• Theory and Simulation of Advanced Materials for Sustainable Applications
• Sustainable biomaterials and/or sustainable technologies for biomedical applications
• Sustainable biomaterials and/or sustainable technologies for the design of antimicrobial treatments• Life-cycle and techno-economics analysis of sustainable technologies

Note to authors:
Papers submitted to Sustainable Materials and Technologies need to include a quantitative discussion related to why the new material, use, or process is a significant improvement in performance and/or in economics with focus on sustainability aspects as well. Papers that are principally cataloguing the properties of a material will be insufficient to be accepted for the journal.
Out of Scope:
Papers reporting on cement/concrete/other building materials including thermal insulators/recycled building materials/green buildings are outside of our scope. Next to this, submissions focusing only on policy/decision making or economic aspects are unsuitable to publish in SM&T.