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Demands for energy, human health and the environment drive developments for new classes of innovative systems where carbon-based materials offer great potential to play a key role in making effective, economic applications. 

This presentation was part of the International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials (2-5 September, 2013), which presented the latest research achievements and applications of carbon and diamond-based materials and devices, with special attention towards electronic features and phenomena. In addition, tribology, hard coatings and hetero-systems combining for example AlGaN and diamond were also discussed.


Patrik Rath, Karlsruhe Institute for Technology Institute of Nanotechnology, Germany 
Christoph Wild, Diamond Materials, Freiburg, Germany 
Christoph Nebel, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics, Freiburg, Germany 
Wolfram Pernice, Karlsruhe Institute for Technology Institute of Nanotechnology, Germany  


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