NSSY has grown into an attractive venue for international researchers to present their work and look for opportunities to collaborate.

Charlotte Berrezueta is an experimental physicist from the Galapagos islands, Ecuador, perusing her Ph.D. by performing research on Raman Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanostructured Materials in the laboratory of Prof. Stephanie Reich since 2020 (MSc. degree completed in 2022), at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

Ms. Berrezueta's passion for science goes hand in hand with her community involvement. As a student, she served as the Nanotechnology Engineering representative on the Faculty Council, presented her research globally, and recognized the significance of networking in advancing education and science. She actively promoted her peers' visibility by organizing events like the Hult Prize and Innovation Day at her university. Originating from the Galapagos Islands, she played a crucial role in the success of the Nano-Science Summer School@Yachay (NSSY) events. Her commitment extended to assisting in organizing the International Winter School on the Electronic Properties of Materials (IWEPNM) in Austria. Even after graduating from Yachay Tech, her dedication to NSSY remained, exemplified by her initiative to include a local Junior School program, aligning with her belief in researchers' social responsibility. She now leads the organization of NSSY24 in May 2024.

NSSY24 marks the fifth edition of the event, with the third held in the Galapagos Islands, a deliberate choice due to its historical significance in the advancement of modern science. This unique location serves as a compelling draw for world-class scientists to deliver invited talks and also as an opportunity to captivate students. The overarching goal is to expand and establish the Galapagos as a prominent annual gathering for a diverse range of students.

The Agents of Change Award will support undergraduate and graduate students from Latin America (and Ecuadorian Universities) for their participation in the fifth edition of the Nano-Science Summer School@Yachay (NSSY24).