Identify defects and characterize advanced packaging materials in minutes with FTIR Imaging Microscopy

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Advances in manufacturing techniques have produced packaging materials that are more complex in structure, with an ever higher number of thinner layers. Accurate characterization of the layers and components of polymer laminates, in particular identifying any defects within such materials, is critical but also increasingly challenging.

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) provides detailed molecular chemical characterisation and identification, and FTIR Imaging takes this to another level, providing micron scale spatial information over large areas simultaneously with chemical identification within minutes compared to hours to days for traditional instruments. As such, FTIR Imaging has the capacity to solve modern day analytical challenges and can throw light on many issues in research and quality assessment/quality control.

In this webinar, we will present examples of multilayer characterization using novel “high magnification” optics to provide enhanced spatial resolution. We will also explore options for sample preparation, with no resin embedding, using a new dedicated imaging mode for thin and delicate films and laminates. Finally,  examples of defect analysis with various polymeric materials and high value, delicate electronics will be presented to demonstrate that with FTIR imaging, features as small as ~2 microns can be characterized and identified within minutes.

Identify defects and characterize advanced packaging materials in minutes with FTIR Imaging Microscopy

Why should I attend the webinar?

  • To learn how thin films can be characterized by micro FTIR imaging in minutes with no sample preparation
  • To see micron-sized defects identified in delicate electronic components
  • To observed FTIR imaging applied to films with unprecedented spatial resolution


Dr Mustafa Kansiz, FTIR Microscopy & Imaging Product Manager, Agilent Technologies
Dr. Baptiste Gault (Moderator), Materials Science Publisher


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