The International Conference on Advanced Materials and Modern Manufacturing (ICAMMM 2020) will be held in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Adhi College of Engineering & Technology, during April 03-04, 2020.

There is a remarkable development in the field of Advanced Materials and Modern Manufacturing. ICAMMM 2020 provides a great platform to promote the breakthrough research works accomplished worldwide and publishes core and advanced research works from the multidisciplinary areas of Lean Manufacturing, Unconventional Machining, Composites, Rapid Prototyping, Computer Aided Metrology, Materials Testing and Evaluation, Nano materials, Surface Modification Technologies, Industrial Automation and Process Control, Intelligent Controllers, Industrial Robots and Automation, Vibration Engineering, Applications of FEA, Clean and Sustainable Manufacturing Processes, Functionally Graded Materials, Joining Processes, Materials Science and Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Additive Manufacturing, Bio-Materials, Manufacturing Systems and Equipment, Advanced Design Technology, Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing system and simulation, Manufacturing processes and Technology, Cellular manufacturing, Lean and Agile Manufacturing, Nano Fabrication and Precision Engineering.

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