The Department of Chemistry, SASTRA University is organizing an International Conference on Materials for Sustainable Future 2016 (ICMSF 2016) during 14th – 15th July 2016 in commemoration of the centenary year of the founder chancellor, Shri. Ramachandra Iyer. The Conference will be addressed by leading scientists on the following thematic areas: (i) Energy storage & conversion, (ii) Sensors & Actuators, (iii) Sustainable Raw Materials, (iv) Green Catalysis, (v) Bio-inspired Architectures and (vi) Biomaterials. The conference aims to provide a platform for young scholars and budding scientists to interact with expert academicians across the world and to bridge the gap between academics and industries.

This conference will bring about the amalgamation of materials in different aspects of fields such as energy, sensors, catalysis etc. This will provide a stepping platform for young aspirants who want to pursue an interdisciplinary career in an international environment. The conference will truly shed light on recent fallouts in energy conservation, lack of greener materials for both environmental and economical platforms. The conference will also bridge the gap between pre-existed and updating science to build a sustainable platform for sustainable future.