The aim of Advanced Powder Technology is to meet the demand for aninternational journal that integrates all aspects of science and technologyresearch on powder and particulate materials. The journal fulfills this purpose bypublishing original research papers, rapid communications, reviews, andtranslated articles by prominent researchers worldwide.

Advanced Powder Technology covers various areas, but a discussion ofpowder technology and particulate science is highly required in articles.The discussion should relate to new powder and particulate materials, noveltechniques, and innovative processes, especially those having potential practicalimplications, and should bring new understanding of powder technology.

Topics include:

  • Dynamics and phenomena of powder
  • Powder and particle characterization
  • Production of powder and particulate materials in gases and liquids(nanoparticles, fine ceramics, pharmaceuticals, particle modification,novel functional materials, etc.)
  • Powder handling and operations (comminution, storage, transport,granulation, separation, fluidization, etc.)
  • Aerosol and colloidal processing
  • Measurement and control of powder processes
  • Numerical simulation method (CFD, DEM, Monte Carlo method,population balance, etc.)

The editorial work of Advanced Powder Technology, which was founded as the International Journal of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan, is now shared by distinguished board members, who operate in a unique framework designed to respond to the increasing global demand for articles on not only powder and particles, but also on various materials produced from them.