Bimetallic nanomaterials have raised more and more significant concern from worldwide researchers in recent years because their new physical and chemical properties derived from synergistic effects between the two metals are highly desirable for specific technological applications, especially for catalytic applications. This review article provides an overview of recent developments in synthesis and properties of bimetallic nanomaterials. First, we summarize recent contributions on developing strategies for the controllable synthesis of bimetallic nanomaterials with various architectures including crown-jewel structure, hollow structure, heterostructure, core–shell structure, alloyed structure and porous structure. Then, we discuss how the microstructural parameters such as surface structure, composition, size, and morphology (crystal facet) influence catalytic properties of bimetallic nanomaterials. Finally, we conclude with our personal perspectives of future research in bimetallic nanomaterials.

This paper was originally published in Nano Today (2012) 7, 448-466.

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