How light interacts with advanced materials is vital to optical technologies from solar cells to light-emitting devices. Advanced optical materials enable a tailor-made control over this interaction, whether light is being absorbed or emitted.

In the articles below there is a selection of research work showing how the different designs of integrated photonic architectures allow precise control of properties of solar cells, perovskite cells, meso-devices, LED, nanophosphors and optical coatings. To get the needed level of confidence in the optical material analysis, in  the application notes you will find insights on the technology used, including how to capture both absolute reflectance and transmission at any angle with fine angular control and automation,  precise and detailed measurement of optical constants, and the validation of optical designs.

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All-in-one solar cell: Stable, light-soaking free, solution processed and efficient diketopyrrolopyrrole based small molecule inverted organic solar cells

Investigation of the thickness effect on material and surface texturing properties of sputtered ZnO:Al films for thin-film Si solar cell applications

Engineered omnidirectional antireflection ITO nanorod films with super hydrophobic surface via glancing-angle ion-assisted electron-beam evaporation deposition

Resonance energy transfer between dye molecules in hybrid films of a layered silicate, including the effect of dye concentration thereon

A versatile synthetic approach to design tailor-made push-pull chromophores with intriguing and tunable photophysical signatures

Enhanced photocatalytic properties of ZnO/reduced graphene oxide sheets (rGO) composites with controllable morphology and composition

Room-temperature processed tin oxide thin film as effective hole blocking layer for planar perovskite solar cells

Study of ethoxyethane deposition time and Co (III) complex doping on the performance of mesoscopic perovskite based solar cells

Cesium-doped methylammonium lead iodide perovskite light absorber for hybrid solar cells

Photovoltaic performance improvement of dye-sensitized solar cells through introducing In-doped

TiO2 film at conducting glass and mesoporous TiO2 interface as an efficient compact layer

Solution Combustion Synthesis of ZrO2:Tb3+ Nanophosphors Viable for WLEDs

Ho3+-Yb3+:YMoO4 core@shell nanoparticles for enhanced visible upconversion and security applications


New insights into optical materials for optoelectronic applications