Abstract: Soft and wearable electronics have transformed healthcare monitoring, leading to the public awareness of physical fitness and unprecedented prosperity of personalized health management by unlocking insightful healthcare information to end-users in real-time and at anywhere. Thus, it has been greatly encouraging people to leave the locker room to sweat, and monitor their health for a continual period at exactly the same time. However, longstanding limitations on temperature stability, hydrated stability, and mechanical stability have limited the application of these electronic devices. Luckily, a new generation of technologies is coming online that is bringing soft electronics to mainstream applications. This review highlights innovations in materials and structure design that have begun to enable the function of soft electronic devices in conditions of varying temperature, humidity, and mechanical deformations, even in extreme conditions, and discusses ongoing challenges and opportunities for further developing soft and wearable electronics for health monitoring in varying environment.

The new generation of soft and wearable electronics for health monitoring in varying environment: From normal to extreme conditions
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DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2020.10.004