1. Emerging Solar PV
  2. Energy Storage Materials
  3. Graphene and Carbon Materials
  4. Thermoelectrics
  5. Dielectrics, Piezoelectrics, Ferroelectrics, Superconductors and Energy HarvestingMaterials
  6. Magnetics and Data Storage
  7. Welding, Materials Joining and Additive Manufacturing Technology
  8. Ceramic  and Glass Technology
  9. Polymer, Rubber, Plastics and Biplastics
  10. Biomaterials and Applications
  11. Sensors, Organic Electronics and Printed Electronics
  12. Metal, Material Processing and Corrosion
  13. Composites and Construction Materials
  14. Computational Material Sciences
  15. Surface Sciences, Tribology and Thin Film Technology
  16. Catalyst and Materials Chemistry
  17. Instrumentation and Material Characterization
  18. Synchrotron Radiation and Applications on Material Sciences
  19. Material Education in 21st Century
  20. Material Enterprises and Industries