Paola E. Colavita,
Paola E. Colavita,

To be held: Thursday 9 September 2021 | 11:00 - 11:30 @

Paula E. Colavita, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Presentation title: Carbon-based materials for electrocatalysis: tailored functionalities towards activity and selectivity

Paula Colavita received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Trieste. She completed her PhD in Physical Chemistry in 2005 at the University of South Carolina and carried out postdoctoral research work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 2008 she joined the School of Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin where she is currently a Professor and a College Fellow. Her team focuses on understanding and achieving control of interfacial processes and reactions, as well as on the application of advanced functional surfaces to address important scientific and technological challenges in electrocatalysis and materials chemistry.

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