Graphene has attracted a great deal of attention because of its unique electronic properties that were praised by the Nobel Prize in 2010. Graphene holds promise to become a material of choice for the next generation of photovoltaic cells, field-effect devices (FED), flexible electronics, advanced composite materials, biosensors and advanced membranes. Raman spectroscopy is an easy and non-destructive method that played a critical role in characterization of graphene materials. This short 45 minute webinar will introduce you to how Raman spectroscopy can help explore properties of graphene materials. In particular, we will overview several significant applications of Raman spectroscopy including measuring thickness and monitoring chemical and physical properties of graphene films.

Our webinar will be helpful for anyone who is either just stating working with graphene materials or wanting to learn more about Raman spectroscopy.
Join us on June 28 2011 to explore what Raman spectroscopy can reveal about graphene based materials!