XploRA Plus is Perfect for use in multi-sample and multi-user research and analytical environments

HORIBA Scientific (HORIBA), the global leader in Raman spectroscopy systems, is proud to announce the launch at Pittcon of our new XploRA™PLUS Raman microscope.  XploRA™ PLUS incorporates unique and powerful research functions in an impressively compact analytical bench footprint.
Offering simplicity, reliability and power, it does not compromise data quality or image resolution. XploRA™ PLUS is a fully confocal and high performance Raman microscope, offering an unmatched and enhanced range of options such as multiple laser wavelengths, complete automation, EMCCD detection, Raman polarization and even AFM coupling. Our SWIFT™ Fast Raman imaging offers the best and most detailed Raman images, typically 10x faster than conventional mapping methods.

The new LabSpec 6.3 software offers features ideally suited to multiple user environments, such as HORIBA’s “One-Click” Raman.  Ensuring easy and reliable Raman measurements, HORIBA One-Click will automatically adapt and optimize data acquisition parameters, producing quality Raman spectra time after time. Security of the system and hardware is assured by user-specific LabSpec software login accounts, while LabSpec sample ”methods” provide an ideal way to standardize or automate Raman analysis at the touch of a button.

”Sensitivity and speed is unparalleled utilizing deep-cooled CCD detector technology,” said Dr. Andrew Whitley, VP of Sales for HORIBA Scientific.  “This enables us to run the system faster, or reduce the amount of laser energy required for each analysis, and offer true non-destructive sample testing, preserving your sample no matter how delicate.”

The XploRA™ PLUS is the full Raman microscope package. It offers exceptional price/performance metrics and with the enhanced range of options, there is no compromise on performance. Its sophisticated automation means that for multi-sample and multi-user environments in both research and analytical labs, the XploRA™ PLUS is the natural choice.  

For more information on all of our Raman spectroscopy products, please go to: www.horiba.com/raman.