Bridging the gap - opening up large volumes to 3D electron microscopy

The combination of Focused Ion Beams with Scanning Electron Microscopes (FIB/SEM) have enabled accessing microstructural information at and below the surface in 3D. The need is growing for imaging and analysis of larger grained materials and metals in 3D as well as processing larger volumes of data for better statistical accuracy. Until recently, the available technologies have limited the volumes and depths of materials that can be analyzed at high resolution, ultimately restricting the insight into structural, crystallographic, and chemical properties.  This is no longer the case. The introduction of Xe Plasma FIB/SEM technology offers unrivaled access to regions of interest deep below the surface – combining serial section tomography with statistically relevant data analysis. This also means that large volumes of interest identified by X-ray CT can be investigated in great detail.

Xe Plasma FIB/SEM technology enables dramatically improved material removal rates compared to traditional methods - while maintaining exceptional surface quality and high-contrast, ultra-high resolution imaging performance. We will discuss how Xe Plasma FIB technology opens the doors to new research applications such as the visualization and analysis of large grained polycrystalline metal samples whilst maintaining nanoscale resolution to investigate further the grain boundaries of these materials.

In addition to the ultra-high-resolution capabilities, the webinar will examine the wider potential of Xe Plasma FIB technology for a variety of characterization techniques such as performing 3D tomography, 3D EBSD, 3D EDX, as well as correlative tomography.

Why should I watch the webinar recording?

  • Hear from expert speakers how large volume serial sectioning can help bridge the current gap in multiscale materials characterization
  • Discover solutions for rapidly creating large volume 3D material reconstructions
  • Learn more about new research applications for Materials Science using Xe Plasma FIB technology
  • Discuss your large volume materials characterization applications with experts
  • Learn how the PFIB can link X-ray CT and electron imaging to cover multiple length scales


Brandon Van Leer, Product Marketing Engineer SEM / DualBeam, FEI Company
Prof. Philip J. Withers, Professor of Materials Science, University of Manchester
Dr. Baptiste Gault (Moderator), Materials Science Publisher