For anyone interested in materials characterisation on the electron microscope, this webinar is a must-see!

Launched in April this year, the Oxford Instruments AZtec nanoanalysis system incorporates the ideas of two leading visionaries in the microanalysis world. For Peter Statham, the Research Director at Oxford Instruments, AZtec is the fourth generation EDS microanalysis system, one that takes accuracy of analysis to a new and higher level. For Niels-Henrik Schmidt, founder of HKL Technology, AZtec is yet another step in his mission to evolve EBSD from a research topic to a mainstream tool for materials characterisation.

In this webinar you can hear both in conversation with the Editor of Materials Today about the trends they have identified in microanalysis, how customers provided critical insights into the way people actually worked in practice, and how emerging technology enabled them to specify a product that was so revolutionary.

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • How results once only achievable by experts after several hours work can now be visualized by anyone in real-time
  • How investigations at the nanoscale are made not just possible, but practical
  • How new mapping techniques brings new levels of certainty, clarity and detail
  • How to provide the accuracy required for standardless analysis
  • How to unravel the complexity of EBSD analysis to allow users to focus on their results and not their instrumentation
  • The benefits of a truly integrated approach to EBSD and EDS
  • How people working in multi-skilled, multi-user laboratories can fit in to corporate standards yet maintain working flexibility