Find out more about TXRF (Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometry) trace analysis and try it out using your own samples at a TXRF Workshop. The workshop will be on Tuesday 13th October 2015 at St. John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge, right by Cambridge Science Park.

You’ll be able to see the Bruker S2 PICOFOX in action, as well as how it works and the range of applications it can be used for. Meet an expert applications scientist from Bruker, with time to discuss your own research.


About TXRF:

TXRF delivers multi-element trace analysis, with detection limits in the ppb and ppm range. The Bruker S2 PICOFOX is the world’s first portable benchtop spectrometer, for fast quantitative and semi-quantitative microanalysis of liquids, suspensions, solids and contaminations.


- Detect trace elements down to ppb and ppm range

- Small sample quantities in the nanogram or microgram range

- Faster and easier sample preparation than ICP-MS

- Low running costs – no consumables, gas or liquid nitrogen

- Simultaneous multi-element analysis


TXRF Applications:

TXRF is extremely flexible and can be used for a huge variety of applications. If your application isn’t mentioned here, please get in touch!


- Authentication – in pharmaceuticals and forensics

- Food – nutrients, dietary supplements and beverages

- Contamination analysis of wafers, solar cells, OLEDs and nano-particles

- Quality control of pure substances and industrial products

- Clinical chemistry – tissues and biological liquids

- Environmental analysis – contamination of water and soil

- Ideal Complement to ICP-MS


TXRF works well as a complement to ICP-MS analysis, or as an economical alternative. Run samples quickly, saving you time and money:


- Lower running costs

- Quick and easy sample preparation

- Fast analysis – just over 15 minutes to run a sample

- No coolants

- Excellent ppb sensitivity


TXRF Workshop:

Book a place on the workshop now, and discover more about multi-element trace analysis with TXRF:


- Try TXRF using your own samples and see the results

- Expert presentations about the theory and practice of TXRF analysis

- Walk-through the technique and how it works

- Discuss your research with a TXRF applications scientist

- All your questions answered


The presentations will run from 10am until 2pm, with time afterwards for discussion, questions and testing your samples. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


Book your Place Now!

The workshop will be on Tuesday 13th October 2015. There is no charge to attend, but spaces are limited. Reserve your place now on

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