Monitor Polymer Transitions with a combined RheoRaman System

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The use of a coupled rheometer and Raman spectrometer for obtaining comprehensive insight into materials behavior is presented.  Rheology is the analytical method of choice to correlate the absolute flow and deformation characteristics of a material with its behavior towards processing or application steps. Rheology as an integral method, however, only yields answers on the bulk properties of the material. It does not provide any insights into what is happening at the molecular level when rheological changes are observed. 

Raman spectroscopy has shown its ability as a powerful, effective and non-invasive method for chemical analysis. In addition, Raman spectroscopy is sensitive to the structural composition of materials, providing the capability to differentiate between a material’s molten and crystalline forms.  Coupling a rheometer with a Raman spectrometer provides direct correlation of molecular composition and structure to the observed mechanical properties. This is extremely useful for studying phase transition behavior, e.g. the crystallization behavior of polymer melts during processing. It can also provide insight for in-situ characterization and monitoring which can be challenging when working with on-line techniques as only relative flow fields are characterized.

Finally, the coupling gives the researcher the advantage of maximizing and synchronizing the information gathered from a single measurement, as compared to sequential measurements, as well as enabling the observation of transient information on their materials during fast processing conditions.

In this webinar we will present results obtained with the new combination of a Thermo Scientific(TM) HAAKE(TM) MARS(TM) rheometer with a Thermo Scientific(TM) iXR Raman spectrometer.

  • See how Raman and Rheology can provide more information about your sample
  • Show advantage of a multi-modal analysis
  • See polymer phase transitions
  • Introduce the iXR Raman Spectrometer, the first Ramna spectrometer developed specifically for integration and multi-modal analysis analysis techniques.


David Drapcho, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Joe d'Angelo, (Moderator), Materials Science Publisher, Elsevier.


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