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Protochips’ Poseidon Select delivers electrochemistry and liquid heating capabilities to liquid in situ electron microscopy.
Protochips’ Poseidon Select delivers electrochemistry and liquid heating capabilities to liquid in situ electron microscopy.

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Only a few decades ago, imaging liquids in the TEM was thought to be impossible.

Now, researchers are using in situ liquid cell holders like Poseidon Select to conduct unprecedented experiments in real, wet environments. Further, with increasing technical capabilities, better performance, and a more user friendly interface, in situ tools are becoming more accessible to researchers in all disciplines. In this webinar, researchers Saso Sturm and Layla Mehdi will present some of their recent work using the liquid heating and electrochemistry capabilities of the Protochips Poseidon Select holder.

In the field of functional nanomaterials, the early stage nucleation and growth phenomenon can largely govern the morphology and size distribution of nanoparticles nucleated from solution. However, the mechanisms controlling this phenomenon are unclear as direct observation of these processes was not possible with previous techniques. Dr. Sturm’s research successfully imaged the nucleation and growth of yttria precursors by urea precipitation in real time within the TEM. He will discuss his findings and the implications for future research during his presentation in this webinar.

Dr. Mehdi will present her recent results in the field of electrochemistry and battery applications using liquid cell in situ TEM. She used the electrical controls within Poseidon Select to charge and discharge nanoscale batteries immersed in liquid electrolytes, gaining new insight into the underlying reaction mechanisms.

The simultaneous acquisition of precise electrical data and real time imaging presents extraordinary opportunities for direct observation of electrochemical reactions at the nanoscale. The presentation will conclude with a brief synopsis and overview of Poseidon Select and other in situ holders from Protochips by Applications Scientist Madeline Dukes.

  • Learn about electrochemistry and functional nanomaterials from leading researchers in the fields.
  • Discover how  in situ TEM has led to breakthroughs in battery research.
  • Glimpse why there is still so much to discover about the thermodynamics and kinetics of suspended nanomaterials.
  • Discover the powerful capabilities of liquid heating and electrochemistry in the TEM.
  • Find out how Poseidon Select is redefining the capabilities of in situ liquid TEM.


Saso Sturm, Senior Researcher, Jozef Stefan Institute, Department of Nanostructured Materials.

Layla Mehdi, Post Doctorate RA B, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Chemical Physics and Analysis.

Madeline Dukes, Application Scientist, Protochips.

Joe d'Angelo, (Moderator), Materials Science Publisher, Elsevier.

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