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Materials features, July 2008

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Platers/Painters Profile: No Order Is Too Tall for Paramount Metal Finishing

Paramount Metal Finishing, a New Jersey-based finisher, leverages capabilities, expertise, flexibility, and problem solving to its advantage—and that of it

Aerospace enterprise grows with composites

George Marsh visited Beagle Aerospace, which is planning to expand its business from aircraft component repair into composites manufacturing.

Composites make the grade in rail applications that now demand faster transport with better FST properties. Vicki P. McConnell finds fibre reinforcement in

Many in the renewable energy industry and other 'greens' have supported Barack Obama’s campaign to become US President, but will he be able to deliver?

Recently there has been significant interest in the development of natural fibres and bio-derived plastics to replace the oil-derived polymers and mineral

Composite Integration and Princess Yachts have been developing new methods of process control for resin infusion and resin transfer moulding (RTM) processe

During the COMPOSITES EUROPE trade fair in September 2008, the German Federation of Reinforced Plastics, AVK, released its latest estimates on the composit

The National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) is offering members valuable assistance in deciphering Europe’s complex regulation on Registration, E

Nano-graphene platelets (NGPs) promise a cost effective yet high quality alternative to carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibres (CNF) in composite applicati

With over 400 attendees and 60 plus papers, eight keynotes, and one panel discussion, the 2008 Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Automotive Composite Con

The Composites On The Move Conference and Expo was held at the National Composite Center (NCC) in Dayton, Ohio, USA. Mike and Pam Brady report.

Mike and Pam Brady report from the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)'s third annual Automotive Engineering Plastics Conference (AutoEPCON), entitled Desi

The beta backscatter method of measuring plating and coating thickness was originally introduced nearly 40 years ago. Nearly everyone who has been associat

Soaring growth in the construction of flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) systems, particularly in China, will increase the demand for reliable, corrosion resi

Fast installation with less disruption to traffic, and reduced long-term maintenance – two compelling reasons for the selection of a composite bridge deck

The Middle East, and particularly the United Arab Emirates, promise significant growth for composite applications over the coming years. S. Sundaram offers

Reinforced Plastics spoke to Neville Hutton about his production techniques and his work on the Artemis 2 racing yacht.

Sports products have always been a proving ground for composites innovation. In premium athletic gear, Vicki P. McConnell finds premium materials applicati

The construction of a 265 km long composite pipeline for transporting water is underway in Azerbaijan. Alfred L. Newberry of FEMech Engineering reports.

COMPOSITES EUROPE 2008 takes place on 23–25 September at the Essen Exhibition Centre in Germany. The third event in the series, this year's show boasts 270

Russia has once again become a key player in the international arena and Western goods and expertise are in demand. The country's composites industry is re

Topping the news on sheet moulding compounds: formulating science is improving, processability gets more inclusive, and end-use markets are in flux. Vicki

Ultrasonic cleaning increases yield, turbo-charges cleaning, increases profits, and boosts your competitive edge—but only if you do it right. Understanding

Composites were more visible at this year's Farnborough International Airshow as the aviation industry focuses on improving the performance and fuel effici

The global wind energy markets have seen another record year in 2007, with 20 GW of new installations, up by 30% compared to the new installations in 2006,

DSM celebrated the opening of its new sizings plant in China in September. This increases the company's ability to offer local supply to Chinese customers,

A new type of public transport is being developed in the Netherlands – the Superbus. Dr Ing. Antonia Terzi and Prof. Dr Wubbo Ockels of TU Delft describe t

In the highly competitive and technologically advanced world of Formula One auto racing, engine component cleanliness is taken very seriously. So, when spe

David Kendall, Managing Director of Optima Projects Ltd, presents a review of the 7th Annual Conference of the Network Group for Composites in Construction

Michael Stevens, senior staff scientist, Elodie Bugnicourt, R&D scientist, and Jacques Seignan, European FR industry manager, Ashland, discuss the importan

Cost effective recycling solutions are key to the future growth of the reinforced plastic composites industry. Dick McKechnie of Owens Corning and Thomas W

Large diameter composite pipe is gaining market share at the expense of pipe made with commodity materials, in general-purpose as well as speciality applic

Today, end of life composites are generally shredded and sent to landfill or incinerated. A number of organisations are trying to develop viable recycling

Robust growth of carbon fibre composites for aerospace and industrial products have suppliers rushing to expand production capacity. Does this mean the car

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