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Materials features, January 2011

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Automating aerospace composites production with fibre placement

As with most automation, advanced fibre placement (AFP) requires substantial investment, but it has shown its ability to cover its cost in terms of saved l

While there are few specific rules for benchmarking the performance of an ultrasonic system, there are some general considerations regarding the overall ne

Returning Metal Finishing columnist, Leslie Flott, shares his views on establishing--and supporting--a quality-minded manufacturing operation.

Kemal Tunç, General Manager of Turkish pipe manufacturer Subor, explains how the company has become a preferred supplier of glass reinforced plastic (GRP)

A preview of the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2011 exhibition will be published in the September/October issue of Reinforced Plastics magazine.

In the last installment of his three-part series on aerosol-dispensed cleaning, John Durkee, Metal Finishing’s “Cleaning Times” columnist, covers the two s

Holger Krahmer MEP, Member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, was the keynote speaker at the European Composites Industry

The question of how to dispose of end-of-life thermoset composite parts is growing in importance. Traditional disposal routes such as landfill and incinera

Enrico Ferri, CEO of Composite Technical Services (CTS), explains why cashew nutshell oil-derived bio-resins can help increase the green attributes of comp

In the second installment of this series, Metal Finishing columnist John Durkee covers the wide variety of applications possible via this method, and how t

Under REACH, companies will need to ensure the direct delivery of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and associated documentation to their customers. REACH Delivery

Despite the detractors, the enthusiasm for wave and tidal power development continues unabated. Watts 2010 (Wind and Tidal Technology Symposium) took place

In this column, I describe what aerosol-dispensed cleaners are, and how they are used.

Using the proper application method, virtually any configuration can be uniformly coated, ensuring a consistent insulation barrier.

The use of thermoplastics as a matrix material in fibre reinforced composites has been growing steadily, especially in automotive and aerospace application

UK multiaxial reinforcements producer FORMAX is investing in new equipment to meet growing demand for its products. Reinforced Plastics spoke to the compan

National Partnership for Environmental Priorities program encourages ‘proactive’ reduction of hazardous chemicals, waste.

GE has returned to offshore wind for full with the introduction of its GW 4.1-113 direct drive offshore wind turbine at the European Wind Energy Associatio

The marine market consumes about 350,000 tonnes of composite material worldwide. Back in 2006-2007, that figure topped 600,000 tonnes. It will take a long

Canadian Trillium Power’s offshore wind projects for the Great Lakes are great indeed – and could even beat Cape Wind to become North America’s first offsh

The offshore wind industry is facing a massive ramp up ahead of Round 3 developments in the UK. But with few developers setting up shop in the UK and a hes

How to properly set up a mid-size, RoHS-compliant EN line without breaking the bank.

Near the German town of St. Goar on the river Rhine, KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, has installed and commissioned two river turbines that will gener

The use of CFRP has spread to a multitude of new products requiring strength, reduced weight and high performance. CFRP is finding more applications in win

Many finishers "preach" customer service, but at Easley, S.C.-based Palmetto Plating, client focus is Commandment #1.

The objectives of the right-sizing process are to match the capacity for a prospective finishing system to the product throughput required to meet the orga

George Marsh reports on why some boat builders are choosing to use prepregs in their production.

Jeff Grodecki, Columbia Chemical's resident expert on zinc, tackles your questions.

Reinforced Plastics' preview to this year's exhibition taking place on 29-31 March in Paris.

Designing wind turbine blades is about balancing aerodynamic performance and structural integrity, but design and analysis is often disconnected from the b

Using the experience it has gained from the aviation industry, LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen is now helping wind turbine blade manufacturers to improve accu

The photometric method for the determination of Cr+3 is rapid, simple and precise, and can be applied successfully without a systematic error.

Planning permission and consents can be the death of many a renewable energy project. Which is why it remains vital to properly assess the environmental im

In the first of a special Renewable Energy Focus series looking at the key stages and processes involved in taking a wind project from A to Z, Gail Rajgor

Nanotechnology-based coating reduces or eliminates primary factors that cause many coatings to fail.

Damage to wind turbine blades can significantly lower the turbine’s performance. On site repair of wind turbine blades has traditionally been time consumin

Even with downgraded expectations for China’s offshore wind market, there is still a major opportunity for the country to power up its coastal regions from

Vehicle manufacturers continue to increase fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) content in their products to reduce weight, consolidate parts and save money. Su

In total Latin America spans over 21,000,000 km2 and is home to a wide range of environments. Many of these are ideal for renewable energy production. From

Long-term viability hinges on business-friendly tax policy combined with the ability of manufacturers to revitalize, rebuild, and reinvent.

A solar-powered aircraft has set a flight endurance record by remaining aloft for over two weeks. George Marsh reports.

Sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, will play host to the largest composites trade show in North America on 2-4 February, when the American Composites Manufactu

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