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Materials features, January 2008

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Automating cutting of composites

All composites manufacturers want to improve quality and productivity while reducing costs. For users of fabric reinforcements and prepregs automated cutti

The Electronic Age is no longer a fad in industry. It’s a proven vehicle for conducting business, obtaining important information, and shopping for goods a

A £103 million project aims to develop the 'next generation' composite aircraft wing and to establish the UK as a centre of excellence for wing design and

A glass reinforced plastic road tanker has been developed in an Indian project. The composite tanker has a longer life cycle, lower maintenance and additio

The convoluted (and complex) debate surrounding the trade of guarantees of origin for renewably-generated electricity in a target-driven EU policy landscap

A round-up of just a few of the new composite products designed to make the manufacture of wind turbine blades easier and quicker.

This is a column about parts cleaning that I have both wanted to write, and been concerned about writing, for some time. I had intended to write it on the

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) – the substrate of choice for contemporary electronics – are based on reinforced plastic materials. George Marsh reports on t

Given the increased size of modern turbine blades and their growing fabrication sophistication and cost, blade monitoring is becoming important to operator

The European Parliament has adopted the proposals for the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals. We look at what is now required to compl

Structural foam cores are becoming more competitive and promise to make a greater contribution to the success of composite sandwich structures. George Mars

The first comprehensive study into long-term styrene exposure of personnel working in the composites industry has been carried out in Europe. Ab Kasper of

Natural fibres provide environmental and technical added value. Michael Carus and Christian Gahle of the nova Institute GmbH explain how natural fibre rein

2008 sees the launch of the new Nagari sports car, 35 years after the previous model ceased production. The new model features the latest composite constru

Ben Bogner and Bruce Curry of AOC LLC discuss the use of fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) at three power plants. The first project was a 16.3 ft (5 m) diame

India's biggest composites event, the International Conference and Exhibition on Reinforced Plastics (ICERP), was held in Mumbai, India, in February. The f

"Don’t strive for balance in your life—it’s unrealistic." That was the sobering advice that Jones Loflin, renown speaker and corporate trainer, offered att

Suzlon needs little introduction. The wind turbine manufacturer embodies the rise of renewable energy, perhaps more than any other company in the world. Fo

HC Bridge Company LLC recently announced that a full-size locomotive pulling 26 heavy axle load coal cars traversed the first composite railroad bridge in

A challenging economic climate, coupled with increasing local and off-shore competition in the surface finishing industry, is forcing businesses to pay clo

A European project team has been investigating the factors which determine the surface quality of composite laminates produced using vacuum infusion. Raine

Synthetic resins play an important role in model and mould making, and in the manufacture of finished composite parts. Holger Giese of Sika describes the v

An investigation by the Automotive Composites Alliance demonstrates that replacing steel components with composite in hybrid vehicles leads to lower weight

Ab Kasper, General Manager of the European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA) answers some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the recycling issue

Roman Gaetzi, Manager Technical Services Core Materials at Alcan Airex AG, offers some advice on getting the infusion process right.

As the aviation industry strives to cut its emissions, the 'lightweighting' of aircraft components is a priority. This includes engine components.

Wind energy has now become a major scientific discipline with significant potential for research and education. And as legislation drives the uptake of win

The downturn in the US housing market is currently impacting some sectors of the composites industry, but in general, prospects look good. Amanda Jacob spo

The Ahlstrom group is investing to expand its businesses globally. Amanda Jacob spoke to Dan Jönsas, Vice President, Specialty Reinforcements, Glass Nonwov

Amanda Jacob spoke to pultrusion company Exel's CEO and President Göran Jönsson, and Vesa Korpimies, Executive Vice President and Business Area Manager Eur

US composite panel fabricator Fiber-Tech has significantly increased its participation in ballistics and military applications over the past few years as a

From traditional unidirectional wovens to stitched multiaxials and unique hybrids, reinforcement fabrics deliver the increased strength, stiffness, weight

Marstrom Composites AB is working at the extreme end of performance sailboat construction. Not only has it adopted high-end aerospace fabrication practices

When Airbus recently launched its A350 XWB (extra widebody) competitor to Boeing's B787 Dreamliner, it indicated that the airframe will be 52% reinforced p

Peter Coppens, New Business Development Manager at Lantor BV, explains how one US sailboat maker has switched to the infusion process to ensure the product

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