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Materials Science comment, April 2014

A novel approach for compatibilizing immiscible polymer blends using MOFs.

Novel method identified to modify the already superior electrical properties of CNTs.

New more efficient form of graphene that might find renewed interest in the commercial sector developing photodetectors for various applications.

Researchers have successfully toughened a bulk-metallic glass with commercially available spring-shaped steel wire by centrifugal casting.

A humorous critique of a chemistry-related twitter meme.

Lamenting gray skies and the slow rise of the sun.

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Researchers have shown that conerting waste plastics into graphene by rapid flash Joule heating also results in the production of hydrogen.


‘Engineered living material’ that decontaminates pollutants from water


A novel metal-organic framework film with the smallest possible thickness can perform record levels of hydrogen-nitrogen separation.


Environmental benefits and impact (LCA) of Geopolymers: Not only cement and away from alkali-activated materials.

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