Acta Biomaterialia makes the Special Issue on Biomineralization: From Cells to Biomaterials free for 3 months

The Elsevier journal Acta Biomaterialia has made Volume 120 of the journal free to download for 3 months as of February 1st 2021.

The special issue: 'Biomineralization: From Cells to Biomaterials' is comprised of, but is not limited to, articles such as:

  • Biomineralization process in hard tissues: The interaction complexity within protein and inorganic counterparts
  • Improvement of organisms by biomimetic mineralization: A material incorporation strategy for biological modification
  • Microtensile properties and failure mechanisms of cortical bone at the lamellar level
  • Tracking tendon fibers to their insertion – a 3D analysis of the Achilles tendon enthesis in mice
  • Involvement of prenucleation clusters in calcium phosphate mineralization of collagen

You can view all 317 pages of 'Biomineralization: From Cells to Biomaterials' on ScienceDirect by clicking here

On behalf of Elsevier, we thank you for your continued interest in the output of the journal.