Biomaterials calls for papers on inflammation and biomaterials research

Call for papers: Inflammation and Biomaterials Research

Editors: Stuart B. Goodman, Stanford University, USA and Kam W. Leong, Columbia University, USA

The innate and adaptive immune systems have an important role in the maintenance of tissue homeostasis in all organ systems.  Inflammation is the first stage of wound healing after injury or the introduction of a noxious stimulus.  Furthermore, all biomaterials evoke an inflammatory response when initially implanted in the body. Thus, the relationship between inflammatory processes and the immune system, and subsequent tissue healing/ regeneration or integration of an implant are critical to eventual clinical outcome. 

This special issue of Biomaterials will focus on the interactions among cells and byproducts of the immune system, inflammatory processes and biomaterials to achieve specific desirable outcomes.  As these relationships are relevant to all tissues, this theme issue will highlight important principles and concepts that can be generally applied to different organ systems.

Deadline: 1st September 2019

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