Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering publishes 1st volume

The first volume of the brand new review journal Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering is now available for you to read and download online via ScienceDirect.

Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering provides systematic and focused reviews of the latest developments in different areas of biomedical engineering including: biomaterials; biomechanics and mechanobiology; biomedical imaging; molecular and cellular engineering; neural engineering; tissue engineering and regenerative medicine; and novel biomedical technologies.

The first volume is themed 'The Future of Biomedical Engineering' and is edited by the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, George A. Truskey, Duke University, USA. “For the inaugural issue, we focus upon a few key topics that represent emerging research opportunities in biomedical engineering.” says Truskey,  “Many are at an early stage and only key issues are being identified. They all have the potential to enhance our understanding on complex biological functions and could lead to novel therapies.”

Read the first volume, including the full editorial, online for free until December 31, 2017.