VUVX Student Award Winners 2016

The Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena is very proud to sponsor for the first time the VUVX Student Prize.

This Prize consists of a certificate, payment of the registration fee, a cash prize, partial support of costs to attend the conference and an oral presentation in an award session. It will be awarded on the basis of information provided to the VUVX Awards Committee (submitted electronically to the chairman of the Award Committee), including a curriculum vitae, two letters of recommendation, and an extended abstract of the work to be presented at the Conference.

The two categories for the student awards are:

VUVX Student Award in atomic, molecular and optical physics

VUVX Student Award in condensed matter physics

The 2016 award winners (pictured) are:

Jun Li, Western Uni Canada, Microscopy for his work on soft X-ray studies of iron oxide nanostructure

Victoria Nefedova, Czech Republic, ELI Project  for her work on development of High-order Harmonic generation laser sources “