Call for Papers: Special Section on Nuclear Materials Data in Nuclear Materials and Energy

Data are often used in nuclear materials research and materials comparisons which are derived from private communication, unpublished data collection in laboratory reports or data repositories. This information is rarely made openly available and easily accessible with a detailed explanation of how the data was collected and can be reused.

Therefore, the journal of Nuclear Materials and Energy is soliciting contributions to a special collection of data papers titled: Nuclear Materials Data.

For this special collection of papers NME is soliciting short data descriptions of large bulks of nuclear materials research data. The special issue will provide proper peer review of the parameter decisions for quality control used to collect your data, the data description and code verification. It will give contributor’s data much greater visibility and allows others to potentially build on the work that you have done.

Contributions can be descriptions of recent datasets, but we would also encourage submission of datasets from much earlier – part of the aim of this issue is to ensure that the research data you have collected is visible and openly preserved in perpetuity. The datasets should be accompanied by thorough descriptions of the data obtained from your research – not the research itself.

To find out more about the specific of this special section please visit here.