Dear authors, reviewers, readers of The Journal of Nuclear Materials

In January 2016, the Journal of Nuclear Materials will go through a very important editorial transition. Dr Louis Mansur, who has been an editor and then the Chairman of the Editors for over 25 years will be stepping down. For the past eighteen month, I have been working to prepare for this transition.

I want to take this opportunity to thanks the current editorial team again for their service to the journal and the nuclear materials community: Drs Louis Mansur (ORNL, USA), Roger Stoller(ORNL, USA), Takeo Muroga (NIFS, Japan), Toru Ogawa (Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan), Malcolm Griffiths (CNL, Canada) and Stephane Gin (CEA, France).

It is my pleasure to announce that Prof. Gary Was from the University of Michigan will be assuming the role of Editor-in-Chief. He will lead a core team of Senior Editors along side Prof. Steve Zinkle, UT/ORNL Governor's Chair at the University of Tennessee, Prof. Shigeharu Ukai from Hokkaido University and Dr. David Petti from Idaho National Laboratory. Each of the Senior Editors will be supported by a team of 2–3 Associate Editors. The current list of Associate editor is K. Fukuya (Institute of Nuclear Engineering, Fukui, Japan), Q. Huang (Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, CAS, China), M. Preuss (University of Manchester, UK), N. Dacheux (Université de Montpellier / CEA, France), L. Snead (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA),Y. Dai (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland), Jean-Paul Crocombette (CEA France), Lorenzo Malerba (SCK-CEN, Belgium), with C. Stanek (LANL, USA) expected to join very soon.

The overall editorial team should comprise 12 members as of 1st January 2016, with an expectation that it will grow to 13 in the first months of 2016. The team therefore encompassed a broad expertise on the various topics of interest to the journal. This extended editorial team will allow us to develop a strategy to better serve the nuclear materials community. We expect that most of the editors will be present at the forthcoming NuMAT 16 conference in Montpellier in November 2016, and please make your way to the conference if you wish to meet and exchange your views with them.

Dr Baptiste Gault (@bat__go)

Senior Publisher, Materials Science