So-called wafer level magnetics (WLM) take magnetic components from their 3-dimensional discrete shape to a planar 2-dimensional thin-film form that can be deposited with standard wafer processes on top of CMOS wafers. The  WLM technology is now qualified for full-scale mass production in a high volume foundry and enables the industry’s first Power System-on-Chips based on electroplated wafer level magnetics, according to Enpirion.
The WLM technology can be transferred to other micro-magnetic applications, such as micro-transformers for signal isolation, micro-electromagnets for life sciences, integrated magnetic sensors for navigation and PMICs for portable consumer applications.
“Increasing the switching frequency allows the use of smaller inductors utilizing electroplated WLM materials that can be post-CMOS processed,' says Dr  Trifon Liakopoulos, director of MEMS technology and Enpirion’s co-founder. "We developed an amorphous Fe-Co based alloy called FCA, which is capable of operating at frequencies higher than 20MHz with minimal attenuation of magnetic properties. With wafer electroplating methods, it is possible to cost-effectively deposit photolithographically defined FCA magnetic cores on silicon wafers.”