NanoSteel says the patented designs have excellent strength and ductility. They feature nano-scale microstructures which can be used in hot isostatic pressing, (HIPing) to form components. These nano-scale structures have high tensile strength and elongation properties with high corrosion and/or wear resistance.
“Previous strategies to alter the mechanical properties of steel to form near net shape components with nano-scale microstructures have been severely limited by size and total thickness,” said Daniel Branagan, CTO and founder of NanoSteel. “The proprietary chemistries and new mechanisms at the core of our recent breakthroughs have allowed us to successfully engineer steel so that components weighing up to several thousand pounds can be formed with nano-scale microstructures and produced in volume on a large industrial scale.”
Parts formed with NanoSteel’s powder metallurgy can increase dependability in critical applications in industries such as power generation and oil & gas.