Sandvik is to open a R&D centre in Zhenjiang, China.
Sandvik is to open a R&D centre in Zhenjiang, China.

Sandvik says that its investment in research and development is the largest in the industry. It can review and invest in product research and development programmes designed to bring long-term operational benefits to demanding applications. Sandvik already has R&D facilities located in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

“SMT’s new R&D Center in Zhenjiang will help to promote the pace of development of the Zhenjiang local market,” said Qiliang Gui, vice secretary of yje Zhenjiang municipal government and vice director of the Zhenjiang new area administration committee. “Meanwhile, we, as a community, will continue to provide the best services and infrastructure to all international enterprises.”

Building work on the 1,440 m2 centre will commence in summer 2013 with plans it to be operational early in 2014. It will incorporate specialist laboratories, learning centre, offices and an exhibition area.

“Our ambition in developing this new, dedicated centre is to create a powerful R&D team which covers all technical competence needed to support the demands of the Chinese market,” said ZZ Zhang, Sandvik China president. “It will work in close liaison with SMT R&D units worldwide. The laboratories will be equipped to the highest standards with modern analytical equipment, including scanning electron microscopes and advanced mechanical testing facilities.”

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