Special issue on new application of organic reactions for controlling polymer architectures

We are delighted to bring to your attention the Special Issue on New Application of Organic Reactions for Controlling Polymer Architectures recently published in polymer and guest edited by Zichen Li and Yongming Chen.

We are also pleased to offer you promotional access to the following papers until November 2015.

Zichen Li, Yongming Chen

C(sp3)–C(sp3) coupling polymerization of alkyl dibromides for preparation of polymers with precisely located phenyl pendants
Lei Zou, Meilin Long, Houbo Zhou, Wen Zhu, Ke Zhang, Yongming Chen, Fu Xi

Well-defined cyclopropenone-masked dibenzocyclooctyne functionalized polymers from atom transfer radical polymerization
Peng Sun, Guowei Yan, Qingquan Tang, Yongming Chen, Ke Zhang

Synthesis of temperature and pH/CO2 responsive homopolymer bearing oligo(ethylene glycol) unit and N,N-diethylamino ethyl group and its solution property
Xue Jiang, Chun Feng, Guolin Lu, Xiaoyu Huang

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