Special issue on synthesis and characterization of renewable thermoset resins and composites

We are pleased to bring to your attention to the Special Issue on Synthesis and Characterization of Renewable Thermoset Resins and Composites guest-edited by Sylvain Caillol and Mats Johansson and published in the European Polymer Journal.

The following three papers from this issue of European Polymer Journal are freely available until 31 December 2015.

Sylvain Caillol, Mats Johansson

Bio-based high performance thermosets: Stabilization and reinforcement of eugenol-based benzoxazine networks with BMI and CNT
Ludovic Dumas, Leïla Bonnaud, Marjorie Olivier, Marc Poorteman, Philippe Dubois

Functionalized vegetable oils as precursors for polymers by thiol-ene reaction
Mihail Ionescu, Dragana Radojcic, Xianmei Wan, Zoran S. Petrovic, Thomas A. Upshaw

Integrating plant oils into thermally curable main-chain benzoxazine polymers via ADMET Polymerization
Alev Tüzün, Gerard Lligadas, Juan C. Ronda, Marina Galià, Virginia Cádiz

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