DION FR 9350-01 has an ASTM E-84 Class II flame spread, however with the addition of 3% antimony trioxide or antimony pentoxide, it has an ASTM E84 Class I flame spread certification.

Reichhold says this bisphenol-epoxy vinyl ester resin is formulated to provide a unique combination of low viscosity and a low-styrene content of less than 35%.

DION FR 9350-01 is a tough, high-strength resin that can be used to produce glass reinforced laminates with excellent impact, stress-fatigue resistance and corrosion-resistance in a wide variety of acidic and alkaline environments. Reichhold reports that this makes the resin ideal for applications that require resistance to corrosive environments and thermal cycling, including:

  • duct application;
  • pipe;
  • stack liners;
  • tanks;
  • transportation; and
  • construction items.