Technical description of RS BlueLine CIPP system.
Technical description of RS BlueLine CIPP system.

RS Technik, which is based in Switzerland, and chemicals company Dow are cooperating with Inland Pipe Rehabilitation (IPR), a US contractor specialised in trenchless underground pipe rehabilitation technologies.

Composite solution

With RS Technik's BlueLine® technology, a glass fibre reinforced composite tube using a Dow custom formulated epoxy resin is installed into damaged water and transmission mains creating a new pipe inside of the existing pipe.

This cured in place pipe (CIPP) option replaces the time-consuming and expensive process of excavation and full replacement of pipes. 

“In particular, municipalities in major US cities are experiencing water losses up to 40% during distribution resulting from leaks and breaks in water pipelines,” says Joe Cutillo, President and CEO of IPR.

”An average of 650 water main breaks every day in North America equates to billions in lost water annually. The alliance of Dow and RS Technik combined with our installation expertise will accelerate the fast and cost-effective water pipe renewal that is needed.”

Water standards met

The RS BlueLine technology is certified to NSF/ANSI 61 by NSF International, as well as German DVGW regulation W270 and the KTW for potable water. This qualifies it for use in the renewal of all potable water pipes, including drinking water distribution mains and transmission lines of 6-48 inches in diameter.

In addition, the static ability of the RS BlueLine manages to carry the long-term inner pressure up to 232 psi (16 bars) without the support of the existing pipe and replaces the existing pipe with all its functions.

In June 2013, the first project will start in Canada, followed by a large installation project in New York, USA.

Other large projects are being executed in Sao Paulo and Singapore, following the successful introduction of the product in the last two years in Central and Eastern Europe.