The Beilby Medal and Prize is administered in rotation by the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3), the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI). The Beilby Award is annually bestowed on a scientist or engineer, recognising work of exceptional practical significance in applied materials sciences, chemical engineering, energy efficiency or a related field.

Dr. Jayasinghe has been awarded the 2010 Beilby Medal and Prize for his pioneering research in to applied materials science; for direct applications spanning basic biology and medicine to those most relevant in a clinical setting. His discoveries have led to the biotechniques now widely referred to as bio-electrosprays and cell electrospinning. 
These techniques are used in the delivery of living cells within polymers for the creation of synthetic fully functional microenvironments, which have the potential to be further explored for use in tissue repair and replacement, and additional potential for utilisation within novel living structures for controlled and targeted delivery of experimental cells/genes and/or medical cells/genes.
Jayasinghe’s research has clearly demonstrated the importance of applied materials science in health sciences with emphasis on personalised medicine. For more information on Jayasinghe’s research please see the BioPhysics Group website at