At the 2013 MRS Spring meeting, Materials Today sponsored two awards in the Bioelectronics—Materials, Interfaces, and Applications symposium, covering the latest developments in this exciting field of research.

At the close of the symposium, Editor of Materials Today Stewart Bland announced the winners of the presentation and poster awards as:


Improving Charge Extraction Across Microbe–Electrode Interfaces Using Conjugated Oligoelectrolytes
Jenny Du1, Rohan B. H. Williams2,3, Daniela Drautz2, Alexander W. Thomas1, Xiaofen Chen1, Logan E. Garner1, and Guillermo C. Bazan1,4

1Department of Chemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
2Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering, Singapore
3Life Sciences Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore
4Department of Materials, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA


Towards a Biocompatible Conductive Nanotube Film: An In-Depth Investigation into Cellular Biocompatibility
Debora W. Lin and Zhenan Bao

Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94035-5025, United States

In addition to the awards, Jenny and Debora will also shortly be contributing to the Materials Today Podcast and Blog, so be sure to return to soon to hear from them both.

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