There were many excellent nominations and selecting the winners
was a challenging task. Several factors were considered in
the evaluation of each nominee: the quality of paper, or papers,
for which he or she was nominated, recommendation
letters, and leadership potential. The awardees selected
from papers published in 2009 in the Acta Journals are:
Mr. Subhadip Bodhak, Washington State University,
USA. “Role of surface charge and wettability on early
stage mineralization and bone cell-materials interactions
of polarized hydroxyapatite”. Acta Biomaterialia 5 (2009)
Dr. Chuang Deng, The University of Vermont, USA.
“Fundamental differences in the plasticity of periodically
twinned nanowires in Au, Ag, Al, Cu, Pb, and Ni”. Acta
Materialia 57 (2009) 6090–6101.
Dr. Zhijun Lin, Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials
Science at Institute of Metal Research, Chinese
Academy of Sciences, CHINA. “Amorphization by dislocation
accumulation in shear bands”. Acta Materialia 57
(2009) 2851–2857.
Dr. Shalu Suri, The University of Texas at Austin, USA.
“Photopatterned collagen-hyaluronic acid interpenetrating
polymer network hydrogels”. Acta Biomaterialia 5 (2009)
The editors would like to congratulate the awardees and
thank all the nominees for their participation. We wish
them all the best in their careers.

Subhash Mahajan
Coordinating Editor, Acta Journals