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Heliyon is an open access journal from Elsevier publishing research across all disciplines. Why should you publish your materials science research in Heliyon?

Our team of experts works to help advance your career by providing you with editorial excellence, fast publication and high visibility:

Editorial Excellence

Led by Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Claudia Lupp, our dedicated internal editorial team is committed to upholding outstanding editorial values and improving your experience during the publication process. An editorial board of over 600 active researchers across all disciplines will oversee a fast, fair peer review.

Fast Publication

Publishing your research quickly is one of our top priorities. Our soon-to-be launched submission interface makes submitting your manuscript fast and simple. We’re also innovating production systems so, once accepted, your paper is published as soon as possible.

High Visibility

With your paper available on both and ScienceDirect, your work will reach the widest relevant audience. Our focus on generating buzz across both mainstream and social media channels gives your paper the opportunity to be discovered by your community, colleagues, and future collaborators.

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