Thin Solid Films: Freely available articles online

The Editor-in-Chief of Thin Solid Films, Professor Joe Greene, periodically invites leading scientists to write an Invited Critical Review article for this journal. These review papers are aimed at a broad audience consisting of physicists, chemists, engineers, and industrial scientists from a wide range of backgrounds. In 2014 Thin Solid Films published five such articles and these articles have now been made freely available for you to read online. 

Browse through our review articles - freely available online:

In-situ ATR-FTIR for characterization of thin biorelated polymer films 
M. Müller, B. Torger, E. Bittrich, E. Kaul, L. Ionov, P. Uhlmann, M. Stamm
Volume 556, Pages 1-8

One-dimensional titania nanostructures: Synthesis and applications in dye-sensitized solar cells
Hao Wang, Zhiguang Guo, Shimin Wang, Weimin Liu
Volume 558, Pages 1-19

Pure and mixed-oxide thin film model systems grown on sodium chloride templates for structural and catalytic studies
Simon Penner
Volume 562, Pages 1-15

Electrochromics for smart windows: Oxide-based thin films and devices
Claes G. Granqvist
Volume 564, Pages 1-38

Upgrading the “Berg-model” for reactive sputtering processes
S. Berg, E. Särhammar, T. Nyberg
Volume 565, Pages 186-192