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Synthesis and characterization of hard material multilayer of crystalline and amorphous TiN-Al2O3 multilayer by pulsed DC-PACVD
Nasr. Eddine  Chakri

Simulation and analysis of electron diffraction patterns   
X.-Z. Li

PE-CPE blends and their graphene oxide nanocomposites: morphology and reduced low temperature brittleness   
Vikas Mittal, Nadejda Matsko

Transmission electron microscopic characterization of carbon soot produced from jatropha oil: a catalyst free approach for carbon onions   
Sandesh Y. Sawant, Rajesh S. Somani, Sangita S. Sharama and Hari C. Bajaj

Quantitative morphology evaluation of milled aluminum powders at different conditions   
S. Khorasani, S. Heshmati-Manesh

DFT and TD-DFT Calculations of hyperpolarizability and spectroscopic characterization of NLO  organic-inorganic materials   
Ali Ben Ahmed

Studies on MgCuZn-NiCuZn composites ferrites compositions useful for microinductor applications    
N.Varalaxmi, K.V.Sivakumar

Effect of build geometry on ß-grain structure and texture during additive manufacturing  of Ti6Al4V by electron beam melting (ARCAM®)    
Alphons A. Antonysamy,  Jonathan Meyer and Philip B. Prangnell

New characterization techniques for composites : 2D & 3D nano- and nicro- characterization using TEM and OPTIC microscope images   
M. Iturrondobeitia, J. Ibarretxe, A. Okariz, J. Kano-Ibarretxe, T. Guraya

Two-dimensional discrete fast fourier transform for computer analysis of digital textile images   
V. Pimenov, O. Kofnov, P. Shlyahtenko

Electrochemical modification of epitaxial graphene   
Santanu Sarkar, Elena Bekyarova, Mikhail E. Itkis, Robert C. Haddon

Direct observation of 2D crystallization at air/water Interface by brewster angle microscope   
Sanjeev Kumar , Kanak Dhabi, Jayanta  K. Sarmah, Amarjyoti Goswami and Dinesh O Shah

Biopolymer-mediated synthesis of MBaCuFeO5 with enhanced surface area   
Joshua Konne, S.A. Davis and S.R Hall

High frequency acoustic analyses of manufactured oral mucosal tissues   
Frank Winterroth, Hiroko Kato, Shiuhyang Kuo, Eve L. Bingham, Cynthia L. Marcelo, J. Brian Fowlkes, Scott J. Hollister, Stephen E. Feinberg, Kyle W. Hollman

In situ study of fracture behavior of diffusion aluminide bond coating   
Nagamani Jaya B, Sanjit Bhowmick, S. A. Syed Asif, Oden L. Warren, Vikram Jayaram, Sanjay K. Biswas

Renewable energy solution fromsolar cells to nano-leaves (green energy model)   
Prativendra Singh

Spectroscopic analysis of aluminosilicate microspheres bioactivity tested in vitro   
M. Todea, E. Vanea, S. Simon

AFM phase imaging study of heat treatment effect on phase composition of Li —Mn—O system electrode material   
G. Sokolsky, Ye. Boldyrev, S. Ivanov, N. Ivanova

High accuracy microscopy labs. Environmental conditions and special requirements   
H.V. Martinez-Tejada, S.A. Montoya

In situ study of fracture behavior of diffusion aluminide bond coating   
Nagamani Jaya B, Sanjit Bhowmick, S. A. Syed Asif, Oden L. Warren, Vikram Jayaram, Sanjay K. Biswas

Temperature-dependent magnetic properties and correlation between magnetism and structure in naturally produced Ni/NiO multilayers   
S.D. Pappas, P. Poulopoulos, V. Kapaklis, P.E. Jönsson, E.Th. Papaioannou, A. Delimitis, D. Trachylis, M.J. Velgakis, C. Politis

Characterisation of intermetallic compounds in Pb-free solder alloys Sn-Zn-Al using SEM and FIB   
O. Novelo-Peralta, G. Lara-Rodríguez, I. A. Figueroa,  J. Arellano

Nanoscale raman mapping for near-field laser heating   
Xiaoduan Tang, Can Zhu, Shen Xu, and Xinwei Wang

Morphological analysis of vegetal fibers surface   
Ovidiu Nemes, Amalia Mihaela Iurian

A high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas at the spinel/perovskite interface of γ-Al2O3/SrTiO3 
Yunzhong Chen, Felix Trier, Dennis Christensen, N. H. Andersen, T. Kasama, W. Zhang, S. Linderoth, and Nini Pryds

Electron microscopy characterization of gold nanostructures for applications in Nanobiomedicine   
Anderson Caires de Jesus, Luiz Orlando Ladeira

Photocatalytic hydrogen production by water splitting using Au@TiO2 nanowires under UV-Vis light irradiation   
Francisco Márquez, María Cotto, Carmen Bonilla, Abraham García, José Ducongé, Arancha Gómez, Sergio Pinilla, Teresa Campo, Eduardo Elizalde and Carmen Morant

Study of effect of drying process on the structure, dehulling and oil extraction of the Ricinus communis seeds  
Perea-Flores, Maria de Jesús; Chanona-Pérez, José Jorge; Garibay-Febles, Vicente; Terrés-Rojas, Eduardo; Calderón-Domínguez, Georgina

Single nanoparticle catalyst reconstruction during deNOx reaction over platinum field emitter tip   
Cédric Barroo, François Devred, Thierry Visart de Bocarmé and Norbert Kruse

Quantitative evaluation of morphology in Aluminum powder particles milled at different conditions   
S. Khorasani, H. Abdizadeh, S. Heshmati-Manesh

A method to detect metal-drug complexes and their interactions with pathogenic bacteria via graphene nanosheet assist laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry and biosensors   
Hani Nasser Abdelhamid, Hui-Fen Wu

Atomic force microscopy as a diagnostic tool for the pathological changes of collagen fibers caused by connective tissue disease   
S.L.Kotova, P.S.Timashev, V.A.Timofeeva, P.I.Misurkin, A.E.Guller, A.B.Shekhter, A.B.Solovieva

Sample preparation method of glass coated magnetic nanowires for characterization by UHR-TEM   
G. Ababei, L. Budeanu, G. Stoian, N. Lupu and H. Chiriac

Ceria  acicular crystals synthesized by solvo-thermal route   
Nicolae Apostolescu, Gabriela Apostolescu

Microscopic journey inside of leathers treated with nanomaterials   
Carmen Gaidau, Aurora Petica, Madalina Fleancu and Ana-Maria Mocioiu

Microscopy studies of the formation of Ag/TiO2 thin films   
Nelcy D. S. Mohallem, Marcelo M. Viana

Diffusion-induced degradation of thin SiC-doped MgB2 mulifilament wires with Ti diffusion barrier   
Alica Rosová, Pavol Kovác and Imrich Hušek

Characterization of direct synthesis of ZnO nanowires from brass   
Tamil Many K Thandavan, Siti Meriam Ad Gani and Roslan Md Nor

Making waves on 6H-SiC surface by energetic ions   
Y. S. Katharria

Evidences for acoustic-like plasmons in epitaxial graphene on Pt(111)   
Antonio Politano, Antonio Raimondo Marino, Vincenzo Formoso, Gennaro Chiarello

Influence of electrospinning parameters on poly(hydroxybutyrate) electrospun membranes fiber size for tissue engineering applications   
D. M. Correia, C. Ribeiro, J. C. Coelho, G. Botelho, J. L. Gomez Ribelles, S. Lanceros-Méndez and V. Sencadas

Replication of hierarchical nanostructures of moth eyes by UV-NIL with a crosslinkable perfluoropolyether derivate
Manuel Gómez and Massimo Lazzari


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