JMBBM Frontiers Webinar - Celebrating the Life and Work of John Currey

Thursday, Nov. 19, 9am Boston, 2pm London, 3pm Berlin, 6am San Francisco, Honolulu 4am

SPEAKERS: Peter Zioupos (Cranfield University), Claudia Fleck (TU Berlin) and Zhen Yin (Max Planck Institute, Stuttgart) MODERATOR: David Taylor (Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin)

Join via Zoom

SUMMARY: John Currey was one of a group of pioneering scientists who essentially invented biomechanics. His work on the mechanical properties of natural materials laid the groundwork for developments in what is now a large and vibrant field. His interests covered various hard tissues, including mammalian bones, teeth and antlers but also touching on invertebrate materials such as nacre and insect cuticle. In this webinar we will hear from Peter Zioupos, who worked closely with John Currey: an engineer/biologist combination that was responsible for several important discoveries. There will also be short talks from Claudia Fleck, who will describe the work on tooth materials that she carried out with John in conjunction with Paul Zaslansky, and from Zhen Yin whose development of nacre-like biomimetic materials was strongly informed by John's early work. The webinar will be moderated by David Taylor.  

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