New edition of Comprehensive Biomaterials II

Elsevier has announced the second edition of Comprehensive Biomaterials II, edited by Paul Ducheyne, Kevin Healy, Dietmar E. Hutmacher, David W. Grainger and C. James Kirkpatrick. One of five new biomaterials titles, this major reference work reviews the current status of nearly all biomaterials in the field by analysing their strengths and weaknesses, performance, and future prospects.

The updated work covers all significant emerging technologies in areas such as 3D printing of tissues, organs and scaffolds, cell encapsulation; multimodal delivery, cancer/vaccine - biomaterial applications, neural interface understanding, materials used for in situ imaging, and infection prevention and treatment. With 75 percent new or revised articles, its seven volumes provide biomedical scientists in industry, government, academia and research organisations with an accessible and thoroughly accurate perspective on the field.

The five new biomaterials titles are: Comprehensive Biomaterials II, Second Edition, edited by Paul Ducheyne, Kevin Healy, Dietmar E. Hutmacher, David W. Grainger and C. James Kirkpatrick; Nano- and Microscale Drug Delivery Systems: Design and Fabrication by Alexandru Grumezescu; Multifunctional Systems for Combined Delivery, Biosensing and Diagnostics, edited by Alexandru Grumezescu; 3D Printing in Medicine, edited by Deepak Kalaskar; and Mechanical Testing of Orthopaedic Implants by Elizabeth Friis.

In order to meet content needs in biomaterials, Elsevier’s analytic tools were used to identify the gaps in coverage of the topics. Editorial teams then filled those gaps with content written by key influencers in the field, giving students, faculty and researchers the content they need to answer challenging questions and improve outcomes. These new books will seek to educate the next generation of biomaterials researchers and engineers, and provide critical foundational content for information professionals.