The annual world conference on carbon, Carbon 2011, will be held in Shanghai between the 24 – 29th July. To start the conference a one day workshop on Carbon materials for energy storage and generation will take place on the 24th July. The workshop is being organized by the journal Carbon, which publishes papers on carbonaceous solids with an emphasis on graphene-based materials.
The workshop will cover the latest carbon material developments for batteries, electrochemical capacitors, fuel cells, hydrogen and methane storage, solar cells, and related technologies, with a focus on new or emerging materials challenges.
The day will consist of five 90 minute tutorial lectures, including time for discussion and questions. The workshop will specifically focus on novel materials for electrodes in Li-ion and Li-air batteries, electrodes for supercapacitors, porous carbon for gas storage, transparent conducting films based of nanotubes, and the latest research on graphene.
Shanghai is a busy metropolis, which boasts the largest population in China, and sits at the centre of the Chinese coastline, at the mouth of the Yangtze river. The city is popular with tourists seeking to visit modern china, and is well known for its historic sites and remarkable skyline.
All are welcome to attend, regardless of participation in Carbon 2011.
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